The Aged Care Staff Vaccination portal – A total management solution

The Aged Care Staff Vaccination portal is a customised solution for Australian and New Zealand aged care facilities to:

  • add/import staff vaccination data
  • allow for the upload of vaccination evidence to staff records
  • push email reminders to staff about upcoming vaccination dates
  • complete the data gathering during staff onboarding and performance review meetings
  • export a wide range of datasets with custom filters
  • generate data and visual reports on:
  • - individual staff
    - vaccinations and brands
    - staff roles, staff service, location and work areas


The Staff Vaccination dashboard – Managing VCPs

Aged care administrators use the Staff Vaccination Management dashboard to complete the following automated tasks:

  • Search the vaccination portal
  • Generate vaccination reports
  • Add vaccination records (manually, CSV import or webservice)
  • Edit staff records
  • Staff export with filters
  • Display visual real-time reports
  • Export all reports in CSV or XML format

The Aged Care Staff Vaccination software – Records and evidence

A key feature of the Aged Care Staff Vaccination portal is the simplicity and automation involved in updating staff records.

The data edits are completed in a structured form where the inputs are added by the Aged Care Vaccination administrator in the admin portal.

In addition to simply adding text data to staff records, your administrators can view, scan and upload vaccination evidence files into the portal to validate their data records.