With Aged Care Select, your HR team can:

  • post a job on any job board i.e. Seek, Indeed, etc.
  • use our advanced filters to target CVs
  • review targeted CVs
  • rank the best suited candidates
  • communicate with candidates through the software
  • select the successful candidate
  • build your candidate database and integrate with the Aged Care Onboarding solution

Aged Care Select features

  • Instant search and match
  • Automatic CV parsing
  • A score match against the job description
  • Intuitive job management dashboard
  • A ranked list of candidates in order of job suitability
  • Instant communication
  • Seamless integration with the Aged Care Onboarding solution

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Aged Care Select benefits

  • Saves hours of time by automatically reading CVs
  • Rapidly ranks the most suitable candidates for the job, based on skills found within CVs
  • Easy for recruiters to manage their open job positions
  • Enables a candidate database to be kept and can match candidates against future jobs
  • Built-in video, chat and email to successful candidates, with an automatic reply feature to unsuccessful candidates

Retain your candidate data for future roles

After creating your shortlist, you retain the candidate database to allow you to search this data to fulfil future job roles. This access provides aged care facilities with their own recruitment database. The features of the Aged Care Select database can be leveraged:

  • to automatically match candidates with future jobs from the database
  • to automatically email unsuccessful candidates

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