Aged Care Certify

Aged Care Certify is a comprehensive assessment management system that is AVETMISS compliant and delivers accredited workplace and industry qualifications. The platform features a range of user types including 'Trainee', 'Assessor', 'Verifier' and 'Employer'.

Given the current skills shortage in the aged care sector, the Aged Care Certify platform can be used to create content, verification and assessment tasks to deliver:

  • aged care school-based traineeships
  • aged care diploma qualifications
  • aged care apprenticeships
  • aged care workplace certifications

Aged Care Certify delivers a structured and sequenced assessment framework to deliver online certifications and competency frameworks. Assessment includes interactive questions and verification tasks which are validated. All assessment responses and verification data are pushed to the Assessor for final sign-off.


Aged care RTOs license Aged Care Certify

Registered Training Organisations (RTOs), and tertiary providers, license Aged Care Certify to:

  • build the assessment tasks for their online qualifications and certifications
  • publish unlimited qualifications, assessments and digital content courses
  • enrol students with SMSs (i.e. VETtrak, Wisenet etc.) and the Aged Care Certify API integrates all data-sets
  • be AVETMISS compliant in terms of assessment veracity in recording transactions and communications between the Trainee and the Assessor
  • manage RPLs, generate extensive reports, broadcast messages, enable mentoring and distribute documents and resources online

Industry associations and peak bodies in aged care

Aged care industry associations and peak bodies can license Aged Care Certify to:

  • publish their competency and skill-based frameworks
  • plan and publish digital content to support the frameworks
  • design and publish summative assessment tasks to track and evaluate knowledge and understanding of Trainees
  • create unlimited hierarchical groups and assign Trainees to specific groups to access aligned frameworks
  • assign managers and mentors to each group to monitor progress and publish reports on Trainees
  • deliver competency and skill-based framework certificates to successful Trainees

Aged Care Workplace Health and Safety

Aged care businesses and organisations license Aged Care Certify to:

  • incorporate an industry qualification into their workforce training and staff development
  • control the content and assessment that is to be included in a workplace certification
  • manage workplace verification by assigning managers as Verifiers and assigning Trainees to each Verifier. The Trainee and/or Verifier can annotate online checklists or upload evidence (images, video and audio) to validate a critical workplace task
  • access and analyse human capital datasets to ensure informed business decisions can be made

The assessment interface allows editors to assess a learner’s knowledge and skill-based competencies.